MagickCore  7.1.0
Convert, Edit, Or Compose Bitmap Images
_DrawInfo Struct Reference
Collaboration diagram for _DrawInfo:

Data Fields

char * primitive
char * geometry
RectangleInfo viewbox
AffineMatrix affine
PixelInfo fill
PixelInfo stroke
PixelInfo undercolor
PixelInfo border_color
double stroke_width
GradientInfo gradient
MagickBooleanType stroke_antialias
MagickBooleanType text_antialias
FillRule fill_rule
LineCap linecap
LineJoin linejoin
size_t miterlimit
double dash_offset
DecorationType decorate
CompositeOperator compose
char * text
char * font
char * metrics
char * family
size_t face
StyleType style
StretchType stretch
size_t weight
char * encoding
double pointsize
char * density
AlignType align
GravityType gravity
char * server_name
double * dash_pattern
char * clip_mask
SegmentInfo bounds
ClipPathUnits clip_units
Quantum alpha
MagickBooleanType render
ElementReference element_reference
double kerning
double interword_spacing
double interline_spacing
DirectionType direction
MagickBooleanType debug
size_t signature
double fill_alpha
double stroke_alpha
MagickBooleanType clip_path
ComplianceType compliance
char * id
WordBreakType word_break

Detailed Description

Definition at line 208 of file draw.h.

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