MagickCore  7.1.0
Convert, Edit, Or Compose Bitmap Images
_Image Struct Reference
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Data Fields

ClassType storage_class
ColorspaceType colorspace
CompressionType compression
size_t quality
OrientationType orientation
MagickBooleanType taint
size_t columns
size_t rows
size_t depth
size_t colors
PixelInfo alpha_color
PixelInfo background_color
PixelInfo border_color
PixelInfo transparent_color
double gamma
ChromaticityInfo chromaticity
RenderingIntent rendering_intent
void * profiles
ResolutionType units
char * montage
char * directory
char * geometry
ssize_t offset
PointInfo resolution
RectangleInfo page
RectangleInfo extract_info
double fuzz
FilterType filter
PixelIntensityMethod intensity
InterlaceType interlace
EndianType endian
GravityType gravity
CompositeOperator compose
DisposeType dispose
size_t scene
size_t delay
size_t duration
ssize_t ticks_per_second
size_t iterations
size_t total_colors
ssize_t start_loop
PixelInterpolateMethod interpolate
MagickBooleanType black_point_compensation
RectangleInfo tile_offset
ImageType type
MagickBooleanType dither
MagickSizeType extent
MagickBooleanType ping
MagickBooleanType read_mask
MagickBooleanType write_mask
PixelTrait alpha_trait
size_t number_channels
size_t number_meta_channels
size_t metacontent_extent
ChannelType channel_mask
void * cache
ErrorInfo error
TimerInfo timer
MagickProgressMonitor progress_monitor
void * client_data
void * properties
void * artifacts
char filename [MagickPathExtent]
char magick_filename [MagickPathExtent]
char magick [MagickPathExtent]
size_t magick_columns
size_t magick_rows
time_t timestamp
MagickBooleanType debug
volatile ssize_t reference_count
struct _ImageInfoimage_info
struct _Imagelist
struct _Imageprevious
struct _Imagenext
size_t signature
PixelInfo matte_color
MagickBooleanType composite_mask
PixelTrait mask_trait
ChannelType channels

Detailed Description

Definition at line 151 of file image.h.

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