Grayscale and Quantize on PSD generates invalid file

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Grayscale and Quantize on PSD generates invalid file

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var fi2 = new FileInfo(@"....\190132LCZ.psd");
IMagickImage image2 = new MagickImage(fi2);

image2.Resize(new MagickGeometry(-1, 200));
// following 2 lines causes to created invalid image
image2.Quantize(new QuantizeSettings
	Colors = 256,
	ColorSpace = ImageMagick.ColorSpace.Gray

image2.Depth = 8;
image2.ColorSpace = ColorSpace.Gray;
image2.Format = MagickFormat.Psd;

This code creates invalid psd that later causes this - ... 38#p166838

Original file ... sp=sharing

The result file ... sp=sharing 7.14
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