How to get Image DPI in PixelPerInches

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How to get Image DPI in PixelPerInches

Post by mjamal »

Hello Team,

Can anyone please let me know how can I get the image resolution (DPI) with the units also for the PNG / BMP images?
I am using the below command but it is giving me DPI in PixelPerCentimeter and I need the unit in PixelPerInches.

exec("identify -format '%x' -units 'PixelsPerInch' jeanrightleg.png")

It was working for ImageMagick 6.7 but when I upgraded the ImageMagick version to 7.0.8 then it is not works as expected.

I am using CentOS 7.6
ImageMagick 7.0.8

Below is the image URL. ... g.png?dl=0

Thanks in advanced.
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Re: How to get Image DPI in PixelPerInches

Post by snibgo »

It seems to work for me, with v7.0.7-28 on Windows 8.1:

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f:\web\im>%IMG7%magick identify -format '%x' -units PixelsPerInch jeanrightleg.png

f:\web\im>%IMG7%magick identify -format '%x' jeanrightleg.png
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Re: How to get Image DPI in PixelPerInches

Post by fmw42 »

For me on IM Q16 Mac OSX, the image shows no Resolution and undefined units using

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magick identify -verbose image.png
So I presume Imagemagick assumes 72 dpi (converted to dpc for png).

But when I do that command, I get 72 both times.

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magick identify -format '%x' -units PixelsPerInch image.png

magick identify -format '%x' image.png
This would be a change and bug if it indeed worked in previous versions.
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