Batch convert from device

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Batch convert from device

Post by davidlooney »

Hi all,
I need a script to perform the below actions. I understand there is a fee.

Main Scope:
1) Move Photo from phone:
a) Device name: Looney_David_iPhone
b) All photos are kept in the phones default folder location
c) Delete photo’s from phone
2) Move photo to default network_folder\Persons_Name
a) z:\xyz\Persons_Name (Looney_David same as device name)
3) Create sub folder: \Date (if it doesn’t exist)
4) Rename photos Date_Time_PersonsName
5) Final photo: jpeg, 640x480
6) Comment each step in the script so I can change
7) Platform is windows 7 and I will install the latest version of IM.

Since we have ten people, ideally I could have one script that would loop through and figure out the device that’s attached and perform the above actions, otherwise I can create a script for each person.
Device Name & output folder:
Doe_John_iPhone, c:\abc\folderName, Brown_Bob_iPhone, c:\xyz\FolderName etc.
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Re: Batch convert from device

Post by will.anderson324 »

I'd go for a python based solution for this. Drop me a PM and we can chat specifics and see if I can help out.
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