Kudos to fmw42

Post here to shower the ImageMagick developers with praise or discuss how you could have done a better job if you developed ImageMagick. Or talk about how Photoshop is better than ImageMagick. Even complain about how no one answered your postings in the Users forum. Venting and musings welcomed here.
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Kudos to fmw42

Post by TuxForLife »

I would like to post a personal thank you to Mr. fmw42 for helping me with my project a couple of months ago.
I asked for paid consulting, and he was very helpful, and honorable since he didn't charge me when he didn't need to.

I create automated lyric videos, and Mr. fmw42 helped me create text and the many effects I have in my arsenal now.
I am NOT trying to promote myself by any means, here is a sample:

I would also like to give a shoutout to Mr. Anthony.
Upon googling simple questions, you or fmw42 always popup with a helpful and detailed answer.

I would love to donate someday, but I am currently spending more on this project for video consulting too.
You all seem like really nice people, and it amazes me how helpful you people are.
You guys and this software IS truly "magick".
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