Post here to shower the ImageMagick developers with praise or discuss how you could have done a better job if you developed ImageMagick. Or talk about how Photoshop is better than ImageMagick. Even complain about how no one answered your postings in the Users forum. Venting and musings welcomed here.
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Post by Bonzo »

I know a lot of people do not bother searching the forums but when you do it is very difficault to find things. I know some users use non descriptive titles but I try to use them and still can not find my old posts!
Could a "cloud" words system or tag system be added to the forum; I know the tags still rely on user input.

Anyway just an idea for discussion.
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Re: Search

Post by NicolasRobidoux »

I find that google is pretty good at finding what's relevant to a topic and often takes me straight to the Forums. Maybe not perfect, but quite good.
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