magick wand -- better than imagick?

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magick wand -- better than imagick?

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i've developed an application using imagick that resizes and resamples large images. unfortunately, due to the way imagick works, resizing and/or resampling creates huuuuge work files in /tmp that crash the system because /tmp actually fills up. i'm not sure if these are scratch files or dumps due to it crashing. i posted here, but the final answer is 'there is no answer'.

i've never used magick wand before, and i'm wondering if rewriting the software to use it instead of imagick will resolve this problem. have any of you veteran users of magick wand had similar experiences to mine?

i'm also considering using another image processing library altogether. any suggestions?

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Re: magick wand -- better than imagick?

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Typically MagickWand will be no faster than iMagick. They both wrap MagickCore. Regarding the temp files, see ... .php#cache.
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