MagickCore  7.1.0
Convert, Edit, Or Compose Bitmap Images
_CacheInfo Struct Reference
Collaboration diagram for _CacheInfo:

Data Fields

ClassType storage_class
ColorspaceType colorspace
PixelTrait alpha_trait
ChannelType channels
size_t columns
size_t rows
size_t metacontent_extent
size_t number_channels
PixelChannelMap channel_map [MaxPixelChannels]
CacheType type
MapMode mode
MapMode disk_mode
MagickBooleanType mapped
MagickOffsetType offset
MagickSizeType length
VirtualPixelMethod virtual_pixel_method
PixelInfo virtual_pixel_color
size_t number_threads
NexusInfo ** nexus_info
Quantum * pixels
void * metacontent
int file
char filename [MagickPathExtent]
char cache_filename [MagickPathExtent]
CacheMethods methods
void * server_info
MagickBooleanType synchronize
MagickBooleanType debug
MagickThreadType id
ssize_t reference_count
time_t timestamp
size_t signature
MagickCLCacheInfo opencl
MagickBooleanType composite_mask
MagickSizeType width_limit
MagickSizeType height_limit

Detailed Description

Definition at line 132 of file cache-private.h.

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