MagickCore 7.1.0
Convert, Edit, Or Compose Bitmap Images
list.c File Reference
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MagickExport void AppendImageToList (Image **images, const Image *append)
MagickExport ImageCloneImageList (const Image *images, ExceptionInfo *exception)
MagickExport ImageCloneImages (const Image *images, const char *scenes, ExceptionInfo *exception)
MagickExport void DeleteImageFromList (Image **images)
MagickExport void DeleteImages (Image **images, const char *scenes, ExceptionInfo *exception)
MagickExport ImageDestroyImageList (Image *images)
MagickExport ImageDuplicateImages (Image *images, const size_t number_duplicates, const char *scenes, ExceptionInfo *exception)
MagickExport ImageGetFirstImageInList (const Image *images)
MagickExport ImageGetImageFromList (const Image *images, const ssize_t index)
MagickExport ssize_t GetImageIndexInList (const Image *images)
MagickExport size_t GetImageListLength (const Image *images)
MagickExport ImageGetLastImageInList (const Image *images)
MagickExport ImageGetNextImageInList (const Image *images)
MagickExport ImageGetPreviousImageInList (const Image *images)
MagickExport Image ** ImageListToArray (const Image *images, ExceptionInfo *exception)
MagickExport void InsertImageInList (Image **images, Image *insert)
MagickExport ImageNewImageList (void)
MagickExport void PrependImageToList (Image **images, Image *prepend)
MagickExport ImageRemoveImageFromList (Image **images)
MagickExport ImageRemoveFirstImageFromList (Image **images)
MagickExport ImageRemoveLastImageFromList (Image **images)
MagickExport void ReplaceImageInList (Image **images, Image *replace)
MagickExport void ReplaceImageInListReturnLast (Image **images, Image *replace)
MagickExport void ReverseImageList (Image **images)
MagickExport ImageSpliceImageIntoList (Image **images, const size_t length, const Image *splice)
MagickExport ImageSplitImageList (Image *images)
MagickExport void SyncImageList (Image *images)
MagickExport ImageSyncNextImageInList (const Image *images)

Function Documentation

◆ AppendImageToList()

◆ CloneImageList()

MagickExport Image * CloneImageList ( const Image images,
ExceptionInfo exception 

◆ CloneImages()

◆ DeleteImageFromList()

MagickExport void DeleteImageFromList ( Image **  images)

◆ DeleteImages()

◆ DestroyImageList()

◆ DuplicateImages()

MagickExport Image * DuplicateImages ( Image images,
const size_t  number_duplicates,
const char *  scenes,
ExceptionInfo exception 

◆ GetFirstImageInList()

◆ GetImageFromList()

◆ GetImageIndexInList()

MagickExport ssize_t GetImageIndexInList ( const Image images)

Definition at line 672 of file list.c.

References MagickCoreSignature, _Image::previous, and _Image::signature.

Referenced by GetMagickPropertyLetter(), and InitFx().

◆ GetImageListLength()

◆ GetLastImageInList()

◆ GetNextImageInList()

◆ GetPreviousImageInList()

MagickExport Image * GetPreviousImageInList ( const Image images)

◆ ImageListToArray()

◆ InsertImageInList()

◆ NewImageList()

◆ PrependImageToList()

MagickExport void PrependImageToList ( Image **  images,
Image prepend 

Definition at line 982 of file list.c.

References AppendImageToList().

◆ RemoveFirstImageFromList()

MagickExport Image * RemoveFirstImageFromList ( Image **  images)

◆ RemoveImageFromList()

◆ RemoveLastImageFromList()

MagickExport Image * RemoveLastImageFromList ( Image **  images)

◆ ReplaceImageInList()

◆ ReplaceImageInListReturnLast()

◆ ReverseImageList()

MagickExport void ReverseImageList ( Image **  images)

◆ SpliceImageIntoList()

MagickExport Image * SpliceImageIntoList ( Image **  images,
const size_t  length,
const Image splice 

◆ SplitImageList()

MagickExport Image * SplitImageList ( Image images)

Definition at line 1400 of file list.c.

References _Image::next, and _Image::previous.

Referenced by InsertImageInList(), and SpliceImageIntoList().

◆ SyncImageList()

MagickExport void SyncImageList ( Image images)

◆ SyncNextImageInList()