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colormap.c File Reference
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MagickExport MagickBooleanType AcquireImageColormap (Image *image, const size_t colors, ExceptionInfo *exception)
MagickExport MagickBooleanType CycleColormapImage (Image *image, const ssize_t displace, ExceptionInfo *exception)
static int IntensityCompare (const void *x, const void *y)
MagickExport MagickBooleanType SortColormapByIntensity (Image *image, ExceptionInfo *exception)

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◆ AcquireImageColormap()

◆ CycleColormapImage()

◆ IntensityCompare()

static int IntensityCompare ( const void *  x,
const void *  y 

Definition at line 277 of file colormap.c.

References GetPixelInfoIntensity().

Referenced by SortColormapByIntensity().

◆ SortColormapByIntensity()