MagickCore 7.1.0
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coder.c File Reference
#include "MagickCore/studio.h"
#include "MagickCore/blob.h"
#include "MagickCore/client.h"
#include "MagickCore/coder.h"
#include "MagickCore/coder-private.h"
#include "MagickCore/configure.h"
#include "MagickCore/draw.h"
#include "MagickCore/exception.h"
#include "MagickCore/exception-private.h"
#include "MagickCore/log.h"
#include "MagickCore/memory_.h"
#include "MagickCore/memory-private.h"
#include "MagickCore/option.h"
#include "MagickCore/semaphore.h"
#include "MagickCore/string_.h"
#include "MagickCore/splay-tree.h"
#include "MagickCore/token.h"
#include "MagickCore/utility.h"
#include "MagickCore/utility-private.h"
#include "coders/coders.h"
#include "coders/coders-list.h"
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Data Structures

struct  _CoderMapInfo


#define AddMagickCoder(coder)   Magick ## coder ## Aliases


typedef struct _CoderMapInfo CoderMapInfo


static MagickBooleanType IsCoderTreeInstantiated (ExceptionInfo *)
static void * DestroyCoderNode (void *coder_info)
static SplayTreeInfoAcquireCoderCache (ExceptionInfo *exception)
MagickPrivate MagickBooleanType CoderComponentGenesis (void)
MagickPrivate void CoderComponentTerminus (void)
MagickExport const CoderInfoGetCoderInfo (const char *name, ExceptionInfo *exception)
static int CoderInfoCompare (const void *x, const void *y)
MagickExport const CoderInfo ** GetCoderInfoList (const char *pattern, size_t *number_coders, ExceptionInfo *exception)
static int CoderCompare (const void *x, const void *y)
MagickExport char ** GetCoderList (const char *pattern, size_t *number_coders, ExceptionInfo *exception)
MagickExport MagickBooleanType ListCoderInfo (FILE *file, ExceptionInfo *exception)


static const CoderMapInfo CoderMap []
static SemaphoreInfocoder_semaphore = (SemaphoreInfo *) NULL
static SplayTreeInfocoder_cache = (SplayTreeInfo *) NULL

Macro Definition Documentation

◆ AddMagickCoder

#define AddMagickCoder (   coder)    Magick ## coder ## Aliases

Definition at line 66 of file coder.c.

Typedef Documentation

◆ CoderMapInfo

typedef struct _CoderMapInfo CoderMapInfo

Function Documentation

◆ AcquireCoderCache()

◆ CoderCompare()

static int CoderCompare ( const void *  x,
const void *  y 

Definition at line 394 of file coder.c.

References LocaleCompare().

Referenced by GetCoderList().

◆ CoderComponentGenesis()

MagickPrivate MagickBooleanType CoderComponentGenesis ( void  )

Definition at line 207 of file coder.c.

References AcquireSemaphoreInfo(), coder_semaphore, and MagickTrue.

Referenced by MagickCoreGenesis().

◆ CoderComponentTerminus()

◆ CoderInfoCompare()

static int CoderInfoCompare ( const void *  x,
const void *  y 

Definition at line 306 of file coder.c.

References LocaleCompare().

Referenced by GetCoderInfoList().

◆ DestroyCoderNode()

static void * DestroyCoderNode ( void *  coder_info)

◆ GetCoderInfo()

MagickExport const CoderInfo * GetCoderInfo ( const char *  name,
ExceptionInfo exception 

◆ GetCoderInfoList()

◆ GetCoderList()

◆ IsCoderTreeInstantiated()

static MagickBooleanType IsCoderTreeInstantiated ( ExceptionInfo exception)

◆ ListCoderInfo()

MagickExport MagickBooleanType ListCoderInfo ( FILE *  file,
ExceptionInfo exception 

Variable Documentation

◆ coder_cache

SplayTreeInfo* coder_cache = (SplayTreeInfo *) NULL

◆ coder_semaphore

SemaphoreInfo* coder_semaphore = (SemaphoreInfo *) NULL

◆ CoderMap

const CoderMapInfo CoderMap[]
Initial value:

Definition at line 82 of file coder.c.

Referenced by AcquireCoderCache().