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Gradients using MagickWand?

Posted: 2007-01-05T00:04:44+00:00
by vilords

I would like to create a box using drawing hand ... and would like to use gradient color. It's simple when using the command line, but I'm not so sure if this could be done using magickwand (for php).

I hope someone can help.


Posted: 2007-01-05T00:13:52+00:00
by magick
Gradient support for drawing in incomplete. In the mean-time you can create a linear gradient with a MagickReadImage() with a filename something like this: gradient:yellow-green. Be sure to set the gradient size with MagickSetSize().

Posted: 2007-01-05T09:26:40+00:00
by vilords
Thanks, I figured that out yesterday...that it can be done by using magickreadimage.

Does the latest imagick version support transparent gradients? The one I have installed now, doesn't seem to.

gradient direction - can that be done without rotating the actual image?


Posted: 2007-01-12T07:38:54+00:00
by anthony
Yes gradient can produce transparent gradients. However until SVG gradient additions are done, you will have to do the gradient rotations yourself.

Many techniques are looked at in the command line IM examples, Gradient Canvases ... /#gradient

You should be able to map these into MagicWand without too much difficulty