Multithreading for compression in ImageMagick

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Multithreading for compression in ImageMagick

Post by faraz_pasha »

I am working on a project using ImageMagick for compressing images. In order to optimize my code, I need to know about multi-threading used for compressing the images. i would appreciate it, if you could give me some information about it. For instance, how many threads is used for implementing the algorithm, or which of these features is more important for the algorithm (the cpu generation or being corei7 instead of core i5 or cpu frequency).

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Re: Multithreading for compression in ImageMagick

Post by magick »

ImageMagick uses threads to process image pixels utilizing OpenMP. For example, our kmeans algorithm is threaded. Threads are not utilized for (de)compression of images as its inherently a serial process.