crop to 1000*1200 px image non homothetic

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crop to 1000*1200 px image non homothetic

Post by ChristianK »

I'm looking to find a way to do this if it's possible :
- Have a lot of images with different dimension, and have to modify their dimensions to Magento with specific dimensions : 1000*1600 px.

Sometimes images are homothetic, so no problem, but others could be no-homothetic : can I do something to change dimension without anamorphose trouble by cropping image by the center for example ?

Thnaks for your help !
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Re: crop to 1000*1200 px image non homothetic

Post by snibgo »

I'm not sure what you mean. Perhaps: some images have the same aspect ratio as 1000:1600. but some don't.

You can "-resize 1000x1600" to keep the aspect unchanged, or "-resize 1000x1600!" to make the result exactly that size. See ... p#geometry for other options.
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