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Different Built Settings for ImageMagick++

Posted: 2019-09-29T03:01:34-07:00
by alanchcw

I just download and built ImageMagick++ source files in VS2015.

I see there are 3 settings:

VisualDynamicMT.sln (Dynamic Multi-threaded DLL runtimes)
VisualStaticMTD.sln (Static Multi-threaded DLL runtimes)
VisualStaticMT.sln (Static Multi-threaded runtimes)

I try to understand the meaning. The comment should be divided into two parts, the first part, Dynamic/Static means the library generated(such as Core_Magick++ project) will produce a DLL or static library.

While the second part "Multi-thread DLL runtime/Multi-thread runtime" means the MSVC runtime library built with the project, in "C++/Code Generation/Runtime Library" setting.

Is my understanding correct?