Problem with IM and Ghostscrip

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Problem with IM and Ghostscrip

Post by MauroTorrez »

In the forums I was investigating. Some announce a bug regarding the functionality of IM with Ghostscrip, my case specifically fails to convert PDF to PNG, the delegates are correct and the versions were installed correctly according to the requirements of my system ( Win10 ).

What versions of both IM and Ghostscrip can I use to solve my problem?

Thank you !
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Re: Problem with IM and Ghostscrip

Post by fmw42 »

What is your current version of ImageMagick and platform/OS? What is your current version of Ghostscript? What was your exact command line? Please post your PDF file.

I note that I have heard reports of issues with both GS 9.26 and 9.27. I do not have any way to confirm them. But GS 9.23, 9.24, and 9.25 appear to be stable.
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