Help With PDF file

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Help With PDF file

Post by ashokbommareddy »

We are using the ImageMagic tool to view PDF files.

Issue is : We are using custom font as logo for a few of our documents. Initially we create a word document with custom font as logo and generate the PDF files. Imagemagick converts the PDF file to PNG but the logo is being rendered as letter "K" and not with the correct logo.

We are using - Magick.NET - 7.14.2 Version

Could you please advise on this issue?
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Re: Help With PDF file

Post by fmw42 »

I have moved your post. You tacked that onto a completely different topic. Please do not do that. Create a new topic for a new question.

Please post your images to some free hosting service and put the URLs here.

As a guess, your PDF file does not contain the required font to properly render it.
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