Paid: Mosaic Generation

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Paid: Mosaic Generation

Post by pbennett87 »

Hi, thank you for reading my post, I am almost complete on my project, however I have an issue when blending two images, I need advice (though I do have an idea what my issue is)

I am applying a "multiply" or "screen" effect to the top layer (after colorizing the top layer based on the average color of the base layer) however the end result is not always perfect, I think that is because of the lightness / darkness of the comparative layers. I would like to try and lighten or darken based on the comparison between both layers.

I have seen this (but not sure how to execute an if statement on the in-line command
"Compare the source and destination image color values and take the respective lighter or darker value."

Hit me up with a cost for you input.
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Re: Paid: Mosaic Generation

Post by fmw42 »

Sorry, perhaps I misunderstand. But the command in that reference does just what you are asking. Give it two images and do the compose lighten command. Or use

Code: Select all

convert image1 image2 -compose lighten -composite result


convert image1 image2 -evaluate-sequence max result
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