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Installation resources?

Posted: 2019-05-30T20:00:09+00:00
by screenplay
I am trying to set ImageMagick up on a Raspberry Pi, does anyoe know if this is possible? Is there any good resources for installation documentation? I have looked and I have found some docs on how to install ImageMagick, but I have a client that said he is using a PHP type of interface, If I install ImageMagick using "apt-get install imagmagick" it works with command line commands, would like to know how to install/integrate the PHP based version, and I do apologize if I am just not finding the documentation easily.

Re: Installation resources?

Posted: 2019-05-30T23:24:45+00:00
by fmw42
Best I can suggest is you want PHP Imagick rather than MagickWand for PHP is to see and