Can't get simple JPEG convert to work

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Can't get simple JPEG convert to work

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I wonder if anyone would be kind enough to assist. I am running Windows 10 latest and ActiveState Perl v5.24.3. I have ImageMagick working on the command line (although it didn't until I added the environment variable MAGICK_CODER_MODULE_PATH=C:\Program Files\ImageMagick-7.0.8-Q16\modules\coders). e.g. The following works:

magick c:\temp\32.jpg -resize x100 c:\temp\32small.jpg

But PerlMagick (installed from PPM) isn't working. When I do:


I get:

Exception 420: NoDecodeDelegateForThisImageFormat `JPEG' @ error/constitute.c/ReadImage/501

I have searched and found lots of similar errors in a wide variety of circumstances but none of the suggestions has helped me. It seems that each picture type needs a driver and presumably the one for JPEG exists on my PC as it works from the command line but something is preventing PerlMagick from finding/using it.

With AS Perl, the downloads from PPM are supposed to just work and I don't have a C Compiler so reinstalling with CPAN doesn't seem like the right way to go. It seems like a configuration problem with my PC rather than a problem with the module; I just don't know where to start to find it.

Suggestions would be most welcome. Thanks.
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