Conversion problem

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Conversion problem

Post by maxjard »

here, I am currently working on a pdf file conversion project in tiff!
I have a code, which is functional. In the least idea ...
Indeed, I test with an image converted to pdf => It works!
I test with a pdf with which I must make my project => this error:
Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'ImagickException' with message 'wand contains no images `MagickWand-3' @ error / magick-image.c / MagickSetImageFilename / 10080 'in C: \ [...] \ script.php: 13 Stack trace : # 0 C: \ [...] \ script.php (13): Imagick-> readimage ('2.pdf') # 1 {main} thrown in C: \ [...] \ script.php on line 13
Do you have any ideas please? Because I do not understand why it works for one, but not for the other ...
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Re: Conversion problem

Post by snibgo »

The error is "wand contains no images". I suspect there is a bug in your code. I don't use IMagick or PHP so probably couldn't debug your code.
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