Get deskew angle out after operation

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Get deskew angle out after operation

Post by aporthog »

I'm trying to rewrite an application that solely used command-line calls to one using PerlMagick (primarily to avoid the overhead of multiple reads of a single file). I'm stumped on how to get the deskew angle back after a call to Deskew() like I could on the command line:

magick convert skewed_upright.jpg -deskew 60% -format "%[deskew:angle]" info:

How do I translate this to PerlMagick? I really don't want to output to a temporary file for this one piece of the app. I might as well keep using the command line version if I did that.

Windows 7 64-bit
Cmd Line Version: ImageMagick 7.0.7-23 Q8 x86 2018-02-18
PerlMagick version: 6.83 (IM 6.8.3-7 2013-03-04 Q16)
perl v5.16.1

(Using two versions for now due to installation complications but I'll upgrade PerlMagick to 7.07 if I know I can get the deskew info out).
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