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Bug: Failed install: Path in header incorrect in Magick.cs

Posted: 2017-11-24T07:29:53-07:00
by pietmolenaar
Just tried installing ImageMagick 7.x for use with Strawberry perl 5.26 under Win7 but when installing using cpanm Image::Magick the install failed.
After spending a morning on the failing install I noticed that the header in the Magick.cs points to <magick/MagickCore.h> where the include directory in the ImageMagick directory is in <MagickCore/MagickCore.h>
Changing this and running the MakeFile did proceed, but with errors in the build, so I suspect that this path issue is at more places
This has changed since 6.x, the version I now installed and that properly functions.
Just to let you know, I did not find a PerlMagick bug list