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Just imstalled from source

Posted: 2016-05-16T17:52:54-07:00
by alpinekid
Congradulation to the dev team.

I just downloaded the source tar ball. unziped it in a directory of my choosing.
Ran ./configure, then ./make, and then sudo make install, and it worked.

almost forgot; sudo ldconfig /usr/local/lib to get everything visible and it worked the first time.
There is not need to fear compiling from source on this project.
I can still used the version that came from the distributor by using convert or use my new version by using /usr/local/bin/convert.

When I'm sure that everything is working fine, all the little corner cases, I can change the default and life will be good.

It could not have been easier. I'm using linux, ubuntu distribution 14.4.