Missing commit messages

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Missing commit messages

Post by njdoyle »

Most of the time there aren't any commit messages in the SVN repo.

This sucks a lot. I can't follow what's going on without lots of effort.

It would be awesome if each commit at least had a message. That's not hard to do.
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Re: Missing commit messages

Post by Werty »

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Re: Missing commit messages

Post by broucaries »

Yes it really suck for a security point of view. I must ask upstream and it is a loss of time both side
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Re: Missing commit messages

Post by guysoft »

Though - Is there a tool that lets you annotate a git/ git-svn repo with messages to each commit? Because if so we could crowed source documenting IM commits. It should not take a lot to make a simple interface for this.
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Re: Missing commit messages

Post by fmw42 »

I am not an expert on GIT and I may misunderstand your request, but see

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git commit -am "Some comments to describe the changes"
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