3D Box

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3D Box

Post by Muecke.1982 »

Hallo alle miteinander,
English of google wrote: wrote:Hello all together,
ich bin ganz neu hier, und würde gerne aus 2 Bilder eine 3D Box machen
so wie es hier auf dem Beispiel zu sehen ist: http://www.imagemagick.org/Usage/distorts/#box3d
English of google wrote: wrote:I'm new here, and would like to make 2 images a 3D Box
as it is shown on the example: http://www.imagemagick.org/Usage/distorts/#box3d
ich habe Bilder in der Größe: 95 × 561 und 389 × 561
wer die Bilder sich mal anschauen möchte: xxxxxxx und xxxxxxxx
English of google wrote: wrote:I have pictures in size: 95 × 561 und 389 × 561
Who wants to look at you the pictures: xxxxxxx and xxxxxxx
was ich in den Code aber nicht verstehe sind die Koordinaten die dort angegeben werden.
was ist denn da was? '0,0 -30,20 0,200 -30,179 39.5,200 0,200 39.5,0 0.5,0'
wie sätzt sich das zusammen?
English of google wrote: wrote:what I do in the code but not the coordinates are to be given there.
what is there something? '0, 0 -30.20 0.200 -30.179 39.5,200 0.200 39.5,0 0.5,0 '[/ b]
how sätzt together?

Code: Select all

  convert -virtual-pixel transparent \
    \( box_spine.jpg -matte  +distort Perspective \
           '0,0 -30,20  0,200 -30,179  39.5,200 0,200  39.5,0 0.5,0' \) \
bin für alle Tipps offen
English of google wrote: wrote:'m open to any tips

English of google wrote: wrote:greeting
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Re: 3D Box

Post by anthony »

See the Distort Magick Wand Example, to explain how to pass parameters to Distort.

I can't seem to find a program example but I know a couple exists.
Anthony Thyssen -- Webmaster for ImageMagick Example Pages
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