SVG native blob support on Debian

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SVG native blob support on Debian

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I'm writing a PHP script that needs to save an SVG blob as a PNG. The code to do so looks pretty simple, but I get the error 'no decode delegate for this image format' when I try.

Running 'identify -list format' from the terminal yields this:
SVG SVG rw+ Scalable Vector Graphics (RSVG 2.36.0)
SVGZ SVG rw+ Compressed Scalable Vector Graphics (RSVG 2.36.0)

So, I have SVG support, but I gather the lack of an asterisk beside the format name indicates that I don't have native blob support for SVG and that's what I need. I tried searching for relevant packages and installing them, but that hasn't helped (see the list below). What package(s) do I need to install get get SVG native blob support? Or do I need to install ImageMagick from source?


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dpkg --get-selections | egrep '(magick|svg)'
imagemagick                    install
imagemagick-common             install
libgraphicsmagick3             install
libmagick++3                   install
libmagick++4                   deinstall
libmagick++5:amd64             install
libmagickcore3                 install
libmagickcore3-extra           install
libmagickcore4                 deinstall
libmagickcore5:amd64           install
libmagickcore5-extra:amd64     install
libmagickwand3                 install
libmagickwand4                 deinstall
libmagickwand5:amd64           install
libqt4-svg:amd64               install
librsvg2-2:amd64               install
librsvg2-common:amd64          install
libsmokeqtsvg4-3               deinstall
libsvga1:amd64                 install
perlmagick                     install
php5-imagick                   install

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