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I want to marry Imagemagick

Posted: 2012-05-29T04:49:11-07:00
by ash
I'm a neuroscientist who deals with lots of brain scans, graphs, and tables. Sometimes that means hundreds of images at a time, or at least a few dozen. I found Imagemagick because I got sick of manually resizing, cropping, and montaging my own files. It took ages, it was imprecise, and it wasn't reproducible. If I wanted to change a graph, I had to remake entire figures and slides -- or settle for an amateurish job.

I *love* Imagemagick! A little bit of shell scripting and now I can automatically generate perfect montage images, convert to and from PDF, and generally munge my pictures however I like. It's just too brilliant for words. Thanks for the huge amount of effort you've all put in, and I want to especially thank you for documenting the interface so clearly.