[Magick++] Image constructor bug

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[Magick++] Image constructor bug

Post by Stitch07 »

I am using Magick++ version 7. I tried drawing a 500x500 colored image using this code:

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    Magick::Image canvas(Magick::Geometry(500, 500), Magick::ColorRGB(r, g, b));
It works for most colors, but fails for most orange ones - the samples I have are FF4500 and FFA500. Both are orange, but the output is yellow. The same yellow image is written for both hex codes. I have confirmed the RGB colors are correct.

The output image is attached below.

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Re: [Magick++] Image constructor bug

Post by snibgo »

Exactly what version of IM? What does "magick -version" say?

I suggest you post a complete but minimal program that shows the problem. Then we can try to reproduce the problem.
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Re: [Magick++] Image constructor bug

Post by magick »

All color RGB arguments have a valid range of 0.0 - 1.0. #FF4500 is approximately Magick::ColorRGB(1.0, 0.27, 0.0). Or as a hex string: Color("#FF4500"). Both return the expected orange color.
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