PAID: Help with processing speed

Do you need consulting from ImageMagick experts and are willing to pay for their expertise? Or are you well versed in ImageMagick and offer paid consulting? If so, post here otherwise post elsewhere for free assistance.
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PAID: Help with processing speed

Post by meupton »

I have a page that takes 3 pdfs loads some text in fields, converts them to jpgs, overlays a separate signature canvas on top and then loads them into a pdf viewer. The page is taking over a minute to pull all the pages together and I am looking for help to speed up the process.

the page is using ImageMagick and PDFTK to convert and load all the resources.
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Re: PAID: Help with processing speed

Post by pipitas »

2 weeks, 1600 views, 0 answers?!

Ping me here (or mail "pipitas AT gmail DOT com"), if you still need help. Is this with PHP?
(BTW, you cannot load JPEGs into a PDF viewer...)
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