Image Magick Arbor

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Image Magick Arbor

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I went for a couple of years without using Image Magick because it was always malfunctioning and there was no way to interact with someone to adjust the problems. After all this time I come back and the Arbor version is still not working. I have been a member of Arbor hosting for some years, mainly because Image Magick was always at hand. Now it seems it is NEVER availabl. Am I wasting my time trying to have this situation remedied??? I always enjoyed manipulating images and now find that it is extremely frustrating and when I use the only other open studio I can find, there are so many animated ads that it is impossible to get anything done without constant repeated interruptions while the ads load and THEN there are at least 60 or 70 cookies tracking my every move. Guess this service is a thing of the past and I will now need to purchase something and start learning all over again. Bummer. :shock:
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Re: Image Magick Arbor

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The main site for MagickStudio is at ... Studio.cgi
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