Converting form tif to dpx 10 log in C wand

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Converting form tif to dpx 10 log in C wand

Post by Gabrial » 2019-07-20T00:15:12-07:00

Hello everyone,,
I´m trying to convert some images from tif (16 bits linear) to dpx (10 bit log). The problem is that im new here... I´m using C wand, and my program works, but i´ve some doubts. For the moment i´m trying the this:

MagickSetFormat(magickwand, "dpx")
MagickSetDepth(magickwand, 10)

This generates a dpx image, but i´m not sure about the format...
My other question is how to set the dpx properties (like dpx:mp.format) and dpx settings (like reference-black).

thanks in advance!

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