Possible regression reading DPX files

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Possible regression reading DPX files

Post by filmkorn » 2019-06-27T18:56:24-07:00


We've encountered an error trying to run identify or convert on some DPX files.

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identify: ImproperImageHeader
' @ error/dpx.c/ReadDPXImage/744.
I'm assuming this relates to these lines:

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  if (dpx.file.industry_size > GetBlobSize(image))
Unfortunately I don't know what `dpx.file.industry_size` relates to. I am unsure if the file is header is actually corrupted or the validation above is incorrect.

The file is readable in older versions 7.0.2-6 to 7.0.6-9 though, but not in 7.0.8-47 or 7.0.8-50.
Converting the file (using older versions of convert or oiiotool) produces a file readable by the latest version.

Unfortunately I am not allowed to share the file in question. So my first question would be how I can share the relevant header?

Apologies for the lack of infos.

Any help would be appreciated so we don't get stuck on an old version.



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Re: Possible regression reading DPX files

Post by magick » 2019-06-28T05:52:29-07:00

Can you post a link to a DPX image that throws this exception? We need to reproduce the problem to determine why the exception is thrown and determine if there is a bug or if its a security issue.

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