Distributing ImageMagick with delegates

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Distributing ImageMagick with delegates

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Hi there,

I'm hoping to distribute ImageMagick with my Mac OSX app. My requirements are that my app will be able to convert RAW and JPG files into JPG, and that the user will not have to install anything other than my app, or have any libraries already installed on their system.

So far from what I understand I need to run the following to get a distributable version of ImageMagick up and running:

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cd ImageMagick
./configure --disable-shared --enable-delegate-build --prefix='/Users/me/Desktop/magick-dist' --with-raw=yes
This worked, but when I run ~/Desktop/magick-dist/bin/convert on a test jpg file I get complaints of no decode delegates for .JPG

Looking online I see information about installing delegates on your local system to make this work. This would be useful if I just wanted to run ImageMagick locally, however, I would like to distribute image magick with my app to my users, so how would I go about setting this up so that my magick-dist folder contains everything required to convert raws to JPG and can be and run on any system.

Thanks in advance!