Req: xmp metadata read support

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Req: xmp metadata read support

Post by Marsu42 »

This request certainly doesn't come as a surprise, and I image you have though about it and decided against it, at least for the time being? Anyway, since I didn't find such a request in the forum yet, here's my case:

1. The imaging world is moving to xmp, so sticking with the iptc tag subset seems somewhat outdated
2. Identify -ping is sooooo much faster than exiftool which needs to call perl all the time
3. Stickting to Imagemagick instead of using exiftool, too, saves time reading docs and prevents bugs

As far as I see it, the xmp tags are right there in a simply xml struct at the start of the file, it might even work with the (extended?) -ping option? No fancy decoding or writing such as exiftool does would be required, just getting some basic information while working with the imagemagick tools.

Thanks for considering!

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Re: Req: xmp metadata read support

Post by dlemstra »

That option is already available:

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convert -ping yourimage.jpg xmp:xmp-profile.xml
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Re: Req: xmp metadata read support

Post by Thariama »

Is there a way to read the XMP Data using the Perl ImageMagick API?

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Re: Req: xmp metadata read support

Post by magick »

No, you can get ICC, ICM, and IPTC, but not XMP. We will add a patch to PerlMagick in the next few days to correct this oversight.