changing quality by giving KB/MB

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changing quality by giving KB/MB

Post by dcotto »

Is it possible to tell imagemagick to change the quality of a PNG, JPG, JPEG by giving it the KB/MB
for instance, i have want to convert the picture thats 210kb to around 100kb.. i give a command that says

convert 200kb.png -auto quality 100kb auto_quality.png
auto_quality.png size is around 110kb

and it finds the best quality around 100kb. it can be 110kb or 90kb just as long its around ~15kb plus or minus.

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Re: changing quality by giving KB/MB

Post by fmw42 »

Only for JPG. You can then use -define jpeg:extent={size}. See You should also use -strip to remove large amounts of meta data.

If on a Unix-like system, I have a bash Imagemagick script that will iterate the dimensions of the image until the file size reaches a desired amount for non-JPG (e.g. PNG, TIFF) files at my link below.

Please always provide your Imagemagick version and platform/OS when asking questions, since syntax may vary.

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Re: changing quality by giving KB/MB

Post by snibgo »

IM can do this for JPEG because it is fairly simple: decrease the "-quality" number and the filesize decreases.

PNG is more difficult because there is no direct relationship. The "-quality" number doesn't actually change quality, but the compression method.

The program "pngcrush" can find the best compression for a PNG image. But if that isn't as small as you want, you need to resize down.
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