Newlines in text files no longer work.

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Newlines in text files no longer work.

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Using ImageMagick- on a linux (Fedora Core 28) platform.

Until recently the following:

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convert -size "$SZ" xc:"$BG" -font "$FN" -pointsize $PZ -fill "$FG" -annotate +"$BL"+"$BL" "@$infile" -trim -bordercolor "$BC" -border "$BL" +repage "$outfile"

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convert -size 2000x6000 xc:black -font Courier-Bold -pointsize 64 -fill white -annotate +90+90 @/tmp/lies.txt -trim -bordercolor '#000' -border 90 +repage /tmp/lies.png

Would convert the text file $infile to the image $outfile preserving formatting, etc.

It appears that one of the recent updates (I have no way of knowing which) broke the newline recogbnition - all the lines in the file are now drawn on on top of the other (I tried it also with a <CR><NL> terminated file, no change). Replacing -annotate with -draw (and changing the file accordingly) yields the same result.

Anybody else seeing something similar, or know if this is distro/platform dependent ?

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Re: Newlines in text files no longer work.

Post by magick »

Likely this is a transient bug. We tried your command with the current release of ImageMagick and got expected results.

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Re: Newlines in text files no longer work.

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