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expressions as arguments

Posted: 2015-04-10T06:33:09-07:00
by GreenKoopa
Is there a way to use an expression for crop's geometry? I've done this with -distort, -print, and filenames. Does it work anywhere else? I vaguely remember someone getting this to work for -size xc:, but I can't find the post.

convert in.jpg -crop %[fx:min(w,h)-10]x%[fx:min(w,h)-10]+5+5 out.jpg
convert in.jpg -set foo 100x100+5+5 -crop %[foo] out.jpg

Re: expressions as arguments

Posted: 2015-04-10T08:43:55-07:00
by fmw42
Only a few IM6 distort functions allow computations for arguments. Crop is not one. You need to compute the dimensions first as variables and then use the variables as argument. In unix

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size=`convert -ping in.jpg -format "%[fx:min(w,h)-10]" info:`
convert in.jpg -crop ${size}+5+5 +repage out.jpg
In IM 7, in-line computations will be available for most functions.