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by smegmar
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Topic: Deskew is awesome!
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Deskew is awesome!

I've been scanning books, and using -Deskew, and this feature is truly awesome. It works every single time and perfectly aligns the pages. Every once in awhile I check to see if a line of text is aligned to be completely level, and it always is. This feature is truly amazing, and I'm surprised I hav...
by smegmar
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Topic: Despeckling B&W Image?
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Despeckling B&W Image?

Hello, I have scans from several books that are 600ppi B&W images. Sometimes the scanner picks up 1x1 pixels of black on the pages, and also 1x1 pixels of white within printed letters. I would like to "despeckle" the images so the 1x1 pixels are filled to the color of their surrounding...